Infrastructure Solutions

Turnkey Project Services

Our team of professionals serves as an Owner’s Representative, understanding Clients’ needs and putting their priorities, obligations, and parameters first in order to expertly and efficiently execute projects. 

Principle Services provides, among other quality and streamlined services, program and project management, advanced business intelligence, project controls, constructability reviews, construction inspection, environmental inspection, and material expediting.

Construction Inspection

Our quality control inspections provide an added level of protection to identify deviations and gain efficiencies to achieve greater quality. We have standardized, repeatable processes that facilitate consistent project delivery with quality assurance, ensuring minimization of schedule and budget risk. For premier quality, contact us today. Our inspectors are experts in the following and more:
  • Quality Control / Quality Assurance for Civil, Electrical, Wind, Battery, Solar, Transmission Line, Substation, and other power projects. Our site inspectors will validate quality and protect your scope, schedule, and budget from the field.
  • Validating constructibility and maintainability of designs during engineering.
  • Inspection and validation of installed assets. This includes routine maintenance of electrical facilities and line patrols to maintain compliance with NERC standards.

Program & Project Management

The Principle Services team proactively executes tasks and makes decisions on behalf of Clients to drive projects towards successful adherence to scope, schedule, and budget. For expert program and project management, contact us today. Some of our Management services include:

  • Project Controls
  • Risk Management
  • Contractor Management
  • Obtaining siting approvals
  • Obtaining federal approvals
  • Change Management
  • Turnkey Project Management

Project Controls & Data Reporting

Our team utilizes leading technology for reporting, project data and analytics to increase project intelligence, facilitate decision making, and drive efficiencies. For optimal project control, contact us today.

  • Schedule Management
  • Budget control
  • Advanced integration
  • Real-time information access

Material Management & Expediting

The Principle Services team can be trusted to ensure costly materials are safely delivered on time and within budget and quality standards. To safeguard your investment, contact us today. Our team’s material management capabilities include but are not limited to:
  • Inventory Management
  • Delivery Coordination & Expediting
  • Quality Control Inspection
  • Vendor Management

Energy Solutions

We are committed to working with our clients to develop a strategic and sustainable power advantage to lower their overall cost of power. Our experience with electric utilities and power infrastructure uniquely allows us to offer a broader range of cost savings solutions for all components of your power costs than a typical on-site generation offering. To realize your savings potential, contact us today.

  • Economic analysis, including capital cost, power cost savings, and return on investment
  • Turnkey EPC project execution
  • Analysis of onsite generation, utility interconnection, or hybrid arrangement options
  • Financing recommendations and support
  • Contracting recommendations and support
  • Utility coordination

Environmental Compliance

The Principle Services team ensures project compliance with stormwater permits and Best Management Practices. To have our qualified and experienced Environmental Inspectors keep your project in compliance, contact us today.

  • Developing site-specific SWPPP documents to support project permitting

  • Completion, filing, and posting of site-specific stormwater permitting

  • SWPPP inspections at the frequency dictated by the permit to ensure regulatory compliance

  • Detailed reporting to facilitate action that may be required to ensure the project site remains in compliance with Best Management Practices (BMPs)