Working at Principle Services

Our approach to business is simple. We serve our clients and treat our employees with respect, integrity, and professionalism that fosters excellence in project execution.

At Principle Services, we are proud to demonstrate our Core Values while serving our clients and empowering our employees. We strive for Integrity by doing the right thing always, Grit by persevering and delivering despite challenges, Agility by learning and adapting, Innovation by turning ideas into action, and Respect by treating everyone with honor and dignity. By strongly adhering to our core values and our approach to business, we support our employees, clients, and community.

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Our mission is to build and empower a great team that adds value to our clients. If our mission is what drives us, our culture is the fuel. 

There is an intrinsic power in business to create dignified jobs, to multiply resources through creative and hard work, to provide for families and communities, to push forward innovation, and, in short, to do good in society. 

To support this belief Principle Services has additionally established three pillars to exercise our culture:

  • Corporate Giving: using our success and talents to serve others
  • Employee Connection: enabling employees to encourage and build one another up
  • Community Engagement: caring for the communities in which we do business

We are Veteran Owned and Supportive of Veterans and the Military Ecosystem

Principle Services is well known for our desire to work collaboratively to support and continue to be a contributing part of the military ecosystem. We see the value and merit in hiring veterans and ensure that our recruiting staff make note, give great attention to, and inquire about candidate’s military background and associations.  For some positions we offer remote, part-time, and/or flexible work for military spouses, National Guard, and Reservists (if the position does not inherently require being physically present on site for extended periods of time). This, we believe, helps members from the military ecosystem to overcome challenges of frequent location or schedule changes. For all of our employees, including veterans and military spouses, we provide trainings and certifications as needed to support their role at Principle Services.

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